“Because the olive trees sense if they are loved, they pay back the love they receive with their best fruits.”


“They called us wizards because they thought that at nightfall we performed some kind of ritual to make the soil more fertile.
Truth being that we did not perform particular rituals during the night but in fact worked hard, extremely hard to our strengths limit”
These are the words of Mario Picciarelli class 1938 who has dedicated his whole life to his soil and its fruits.
Back then there was much poverty but my brothers, Grandfather Amedeo and myself used to work our fingers to the bone for the best results.
We faced the war and the rough moments but rejoiced when the harvest gave its best fruits.”

Mario Picciarelli’s grave yet fatherly look turns melancholic when telling us about the first 100 olive trees Grandfather Amedeo planted, he strongly believed in cultivating a genuine product rich in nutritional and therapeutic compounds.
Mario’s expression changes yet again, to dreamy, the sole thought of his offspring softens his features hardened by time, toil and sweat.
“I remember when they were only as tall as my daughter Emanuela, still a child then, look how they have grown! How flourishing they are!” says Mario so proud of how he carefully tended that first bud which was to become, through several decades, an important business for the entire estate.
“Even now that we have several thousand olive trees I continue to tend and take care of each and every one of them. 3200 ‘children’ to which I will guarantee the right amount of water, the right care and the right love.”
A long story of passion, care giving and love.