A perfect microcosm for a journey through time from palate to taste buds.

The unmistakable scent, the rich shade of green and the bond with the territory: this is what makes SERAFICO so unique. A certified product that encloses and narrates the best of Maremma.

The Maremma is a perfect microcosm, a timeless region unique because of the variety of its territory: blue sea, green hills and mountains which blending, color the landscape.
The exceptional balance between nature, beauty and climate enhance a product which carries the flavors and shades of this incredible territory.

Serafico produces 4 types of oil from 6 varieties of olive trees.
From the 6 varieties we obtain unique oils: a full-bodied, ‘masculine’, olive oil excellent with meat dishes; a fruity, scented oil recommended for dressing vegetables; a mellow, smooth oil that enhances the mediterranean flavors and is particularly suitable for fish dishes and last but not least an oil which is an organic blend of all 6 varieties and is suitable for all dishes.